Facilitate Healing With Muscular Therapy Sessions

Facilitate Healing With Muscular Therapy Sessions

Find relief and prevent future injuries with each visit

Part of the process of healing and alleviating pain is introducing muscular therapy into your chiropractic care. Elite Wellness & Chiropractic offers our clients access to muscular therapy that will help to eliminate and break down unhealthy, bad scar tissue. This allows new tissue to take its place and facilitates healing.

Our muscular therapist will check your body for signs of potential strain and help your body bounce back after an injury. Make an appointment with Elite Wellness & Chiropractic to try a muscular therapy session.

How Muscular Therapy Differs from Massage

Muscular therapy and massage are similar, but they differ in key aspects when it comes to pain management. Elite Wellness & Chiropractic has a licensed massage therapist on staff that specializes in muscular therapy. Muscular therapy focuses on:

  • Assessing, treating and preventing pain or injury
  • Educating you on how to better care for your body
  • Eliminating muscle tension problems
  • Reducing scar tissue built up from past injuries

Learn more about the neuro muscular re-education process. Speak with one of our licensed experts at Elite Wellness & Chiropractic.

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